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The By-Laws of the Edgewater Club, Inc. (Article Six Section 14) orders the Board of Directors to establish these rules for the use of the Edgewater Club’s property and facilities. It is the purpose of the ‘House Rules" to establish guidelines for the conduct of all members in unprejudiced use of our facilities. They are a code of conduct for all to follow, so that every member may share, equally and with pleasure, the amenities of membership.

It is the responsibility and vested authority of every member to observe these rules of our association and to advise their guests and renters thereof.

A copy of these rules should be a part of every members home and should be placed in a conspicuous place for each member, guest and renter to observe. The Clubhouse shall serve the membership. To establish a standard, the following rules are created.



1. Anyone swimming alone does so at their own risk.

2. Diving or jumping into the pool is strictly forbidden.

3. Food is not  permitted in the pool area. Food is allowed in the patio area that consists of the area west of the flower boxes and all of the overhead covered area of the clubhouse. Beverages in non-breakable containers will be allowed by the pool and patio areas.  Beverages are not allowed in the pool.  Members are responsible for cleaning up trash and any spills.

4. All persons must shower before entering the pool.

5. Shoulder length hair shall be contained either by the wearing of bathing cap, braiding or tied up in such a manner as to prevent hair from getting into the pool’s filtering system.

6. Proper bathing attire shall be worn in the pool. NO CUTOFFS or Clothing with unfinished edges shall be allowed.

7. Infants shall wear waterproof panties while in the pool.

8. Children under the age of 16 shall not be left unattended at the pool.

9. Air mattresses and other floatables, including beach balls are prohibited in the poor. Arm flotation, noodles and life vests are permitted. Also persons with a disability may use a flotation device to fit their needs.

10. The pool cover shall be removed only when the outdoor temperatures are above 65 degrees. The pool cover will be removed and replaced by authorized personnel only. Both sections of the pool cover must be removed before entering the pool.

11. Cover each chair or chaise with your own towel to prevent staining the plastic straps.


1. Running within the fenced area of the outdoor facilities is prohibited. This includes the Shuffleboard and Bocce court area.

2. Shuffleboard, Tennis and Bocce may be played by children under 16 as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Proper footwear is required of all players.

3. Portable radios are permitted when operated at a low volume and with respect for others sharing the facilities.

4. At no time shall anyone enter the main hall of the clubhouse in bare feet or wet bathing suit.

5. If you are the last to leave the outside facilities, please see that all gates and doors are closed and that all lights are off. (This means the lights around the shuffleboard courts and pool area, 4 gates - pool side, shuffleboard, bocce side, and both sides of the tennis courts.)

6. Club activity groups, not limited to tennis, horseshoes, shuffleboard, bocce, and miniature sail boats may engage in league or invitational play with outside clubs so long as a request is approved by the board. Outsiders will be considered as guests of the entertaining group and the Edgewater Club.

RECREATIONAL BUILDING - * Members will refer to members, companion members, and member renters through-out the House Rules.

1. The primary purpose of the hall and associated rooms is to provide a meeting place and recreational facility for all members at little or no cost except as provided by these rules.

2. Any group activity requiring use of the hall shall have their chairman request permission from the Board (in writing) to establish that function date and time.

3. This is a non-smoking building. There is no smoking permitted within the gated areas. [Smoking is allowed only in the designated exterior area.]

4. If you are the last to leave the building please be sure that all doors are locked and that all lights and fans are off.


1. No member shall use the hall for outside organizations.

2. Any member, after obtaining board approval, may use the hall for a party comprised of other Edgewater Club members without charge.

3. Attendance at member requested functions shall be limited to other Edgewater Club members. However, depending on the function requested, the Board, at their discretion may permit immediate family members, certified member guests and on rare occasions nonmembers to attend (e.g. bereavement). The Christmas party is available only to members in good standing. It is sponsored by The Edgewater Club and is exempt to all non-members.

4. Requests for use of the Hall shall be made in writing by the member and presented to the Board of Directors for approval.

5. With the approval of the Board of Directors, the requesting member must make set up, take down and clean up arrangements with the Club custodian. Charges for these services will be paid by the member directly to the custodian.

6. The member shall have use of the hall, lighting, a/c, stage and piano. They may also use the kitchen equipment, (stove, fridge, sinks, ice), but not supplies, (napkins, cutlery, plates, etc.) Any decorations that must be attached to the buildings in any manner must first have the approval of the Building and Grounds chairman or a designated representative. Bingo equipment and the sound system are not available.

7. An authorized Club member may be assigned to instruct the requesting member in the use of the equipment.

8. Any Board member may inspect the premises during any function.

9. Upon the recommendations and approval of the Board of Directors, specific organizations providing educational, civic or health instructions for our members will be allowed the use of the hall without charge, providing dates do not conflict with Club activities, and enough of the members show interest to warrant the use.



The removal of chairs, tables, or other club equipment is prohibited. The portable grille is available for use.


All facilities shall be left in a clean, orderly condition. Garbage and refuse shall be placed in plastic bags provided by the Club and disposed of according to instructions. Failure to do so will result in a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00). Damage or destruction of property shall be charged at the replacement value to any member or renter, or if damage is done by a guest of a member, that member shall be responsible. The reparation to be determined by the Board of Directors.


1. Anyone using the tennis courts, horse shoe pits, shuffleboard courts, bocce courts, etc. shall show consideration to those waiting to play by limiting their play to one (1) hour. Damage to nets or screens shall be reported to the Building and Grounds Chairman. Please be sure all gates are closed when leaving the gated areas.

2. Organized tournaments will not be time limited, but shall have prior board approval and posted for all to see.



1. Members, renters and guests of members or renters must wear badges when using any INSIDE FACILITIES and OUTSIDE FACILITIES.

2. Members renting their homes shall supply the Club office with an affidavit stating the names of each tenant and the length of the lease before renters can obtain badges.

3. Single homeowners may request a "logo" badge for their use at no charge. This means a single homeowner belonging to the Edgewater Club may ask for a "Companion Badge" with the home owner’s last name appearing thereon. The companion may accompany the homeowner to paid events such as pancake breakfasts, dinners and dances and participate in other club activities except for the Christmas Dinner, providing the companion is wearing the companion badge and is with the certified club member.

4. It shall be the duty of the owner to provide his tenant with a copy of the Edgewater Club, Inc. By-Laws and House Rules. Also it is strongly recommended that members accompany their guests when the guests are using Club facilities

5. Any member loaning MEMBER BADGES to guests, renters, or outsiders will be subject to penalties as provided in Article Six Section 14 of the Edgewater Club, Inc. Bylaws and may result in SUSPENSION OF CLUB PRIVILEGES.

6. The wearing of badges is required at all activities. Paid functions (where tickets are pre sold) are excluded; i.e. dances dinners, etc.

7. Renters will be issued temporary badges.

8. Any member in good standing and wearing a membership badge shall have the authority and responsibility to enforce these rules.


1. Key cards are issued to all members in good standing for admission to the building and surrounding facilities.

2. Key cards must be made available to renters by the member in good standing for their use and may be used by a member’s guest as the member sees fit. However, a twenty dollars ($20.00) fee will be charged to the member for replacement of a lost key card.

3. The use of individual key cards can be terminated and reinstated as necessary.


1. If a Club member does not pay his dues, he forfeits his use of all of the Club's facilities in accordance with the by-laws, Article 3 Section 8. He also loses the right to be a guest of any bona fide member of the Club.

2. If any resident has not applied for membership in the Edgewater Club, he will not be allowed to enjoy any amenities of the Edgewater Club as a guest of any member of the Club.

3. If a Club member decides to cancel his membership in the Club, his membership card is cancelled. means that he, his family and/or guests will not be allowed to participate in any Edgewater Club activities nor will they be allowed to be guests of any member of the Club. If he sells his house, the back dues, if any, and all unpaid dues for the year will come out of the closing fee with interest. he decides to rejoin the Club, he must pay $100.00 for each year he was not a member and all back dues not to exceed the current membership fee.

4. A letter stating the following will be required of any resident who wishes to cancel his membership in the Edgewater Club:

I, _____________, understand that by not paying the yearly dues of $____ to the Edgewater Club for my house on ________________, I give up all privileges for the use of the Edgewater Club and its facilities, including all Club member activities.

My key card will be cancelled and no family member, guest, or renter of the above address will be allowed to attend or participate in any Edgewater Club member activities nor will they be allowed to be guests of any member to Club activities or facilities.

It is agreed that upon selling my house and /or property, all back dues plus interest and penalties not to exceed the current membership fee as stated in by-law Article 3 Section 8 (d), must be paid in full for the new owners to become members of the Edgewater Club.

Print name _______________ Signature ______________________________ Date_________


Failure of any member or renter to comply with the above rules is subject to action under Article Six Section 14 of the Edgewater Club, Inc. by-Laws.


Original and Resolutions on file at Edgewater Club, Inc. at 2840 Waxwing Lane, Englewood, Florida 34224

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