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Edgewater Club is described as one of the most active clubs in the area. All activities are all managed by volunteers. Our great variety of activities provides many opportunities to meet your fellow members and make new friends. Whatever your favorite pastimes or hobbies may be you will most likely be able to find a group with similar interests. If you have a talent or interest not currently available, you might be the one to start something new. You will be encouraged to try new activities and you will have  opportunities to get involved. Many organized events occur primarily during the Fall through Spring season. Others continue throughout the year.

Social Functions            

Tuesday morning coffee provides members with an opportunity to get the latest news about events and also to purchase tickets for events. Ticket sales begin at 7:00am. Meeting starts at 8:00am

Breakfast twice a month and a dinner once a month put on by our very capable  Men's Club. They also provide lunches for a number of other activities that take place throughout the year.

Monthly dances are some of the best times sponsored by the The Ways and Means Committee. They hire the musicians, decorate the hall based on themes and provide door prizes. It's been a sell-out crowd this year. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes. This committee also judges the Holiday Lights Contest and decorates the club for the holidays. Volunteers to host the dances are always welcome.

Organized trips include the dinner show at the Palm Theater in Fort Myers, an Annual Cruise, and day trips to a number of different events.

Pool Parties, a Fashion Show /Luncheon, and a 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration are some of the yearly events that members enjoy thanks to the wonderful work of many volunteers.

Red Hat High Steppers go out monthly as a group. Lunch and a boat tour on the Peace River, dinner and theater in Ft. Myers, trips to Ellenton and Sarasota for events of interest are some of the destinations of these ladies in purple with Red Hats. New members are always welcome.


Games available on a weekly basis:

Bridge                                           Hand and Foot

Cribbage                                       Pinochle

Dominoes                                     Poker                           

Euchre                                           Darts

Mahjong                               Poker



Additional Games:                                                  

Weekly Bingo is played year round every Tuesday. Early bird play starts at 3:30 and evening play begins at 6:00pm.This is a favorite of many club members as well as other community people.  Kitchen volunteers serve up great hot dogs and the coffee and/or tea is free. Whether you want to play or volunteer to work this is the place for you on Tuesdays.

Horseshoes: This activity is played on Tuesday and Thursday morning. It is a very popular activity with more men playing this year than ever before. They also entered the Senior Games this year and did very well. Stop by one of the mornings and get involved. You will have a great time.

Bowling: This weekly activity uses the local Bowling Lane. There are two leagues, one playing on Wednesday mornings and the other on Thursday afternoons. Teams are set up based on a handicap system by Louise and Cedric LeBlanc. Seniors of all ages are welcome. The organized season goes from fall through spring. Banquets are held at the end of the season and trophies and prizes are awarded. Lots of fun and fellowship is guaranteed. New members are always welcome. If you cannot commit for the season you may want to be on the substitute list.

Golf: Numerous courses are available in the area for groups as well as individuals. There are several groups of club members who play weekly.

Bocce Ball: Club members sign up for this activity with George Best. The schedule is set up and teams play at times convenient to them. Bocce is available from Fall through Spring. The court is closed for the summer months.

Pickle Ball is a new activity played on the tennis court and is attracting a lot of new players.  Played with paddles and a wiffle ball, it uses only a small section of the court and like tennis can be played by 2 or 4 players. The Edgewater Club has purchased paddles and balls for the members to use and are stored in the tennis shed. This game is a combination of badminton and ping pong.  Watch the newsletter for dates and times that instruction and games will start in November.  In the meantime, for members who are here over the summer, you might like to give the game a go.

Tennis:  The tennis group is comprised of Club members who enjoy the sport of tennis.  They welcome new members, beginners to pros, and urge you to consider taking part in this stimulating aerobic activity.  When the season starts in the early fall you will find the men on the courts at 8 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, followed by the ladies at 10 a.m.  Both the men (on Tuesday) and ladies (on Monday) have "inter-park traveling teams" that afford the opportunity to meet tennis players from other parks and clubs; and both groups host the other clubs at our courts.  Saturday mornings are unique in that play starts at 8 a.m. for whoever shows up (men and women).  As the season progresses the men have a competitive process called "the ladder", whereby players who sign up are provided the opportunity to play for points against each other.  Early January produces a "mixed challenge", with games played at 1 p.m., 2 p.m. & 3 p.m. on Friday afternoons.  This popular spectacle produces considerable fans, and is yet another opportunity to socialize (players and fans).   On occasion, the players from all events, their spouses and friends, have been known to assemble on the clubhouse patio following the last game on Friday afternoon for an informal social evening (pot-luck goodies and bring your own drinks).  An "end of the year pot-luck dinner" in late March has proved successful and provides the organizers of the various events the opportunity to update the membership on the year's activities.   Through the auspices of several very talented club members we are able to provide great guidance and advice for new members who may not, have played tennis previously.  Do consider joining us; the cost is minimal, the fun immeasurable, the laughs constant, and the health benefits for yourself a bonus.  The Tennis group invite and welcome all former players, their spouses and friends, to continue their involvement by participating in the various social opportunities for the group.  Think "F" for friends and fun, and remember, "keep your eye on the ball". 

Shuffleboard: Each Monday at 9:00 am all interested persons are invited to play. (Previous experience is not needed)
Each person pays one dollar.
A minimum of 12 players (3 courts) is needed.
At about 10 minutes before the hour we draw black and yellow paper discs for court positions and partners.
All players play 3 rounds, rotating matches according to the pairs' highest scores.
Upon completion of play each Monday, all money collected is paid to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.
Director: Mary Rockow
Questions?  E-mail mrrockow@yahoo.com

We also have Friday morning play at 9:00am, open to all .


Swimming in our heated pool. 

Water Aerobics on Monday through Friday.

Exercise program at the clubhouse on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.





Computer Group :Classes are held twice monthly at the clubhouse. Basics are covered to help members who are just beginning to use a computer as well as other more intermediate and advanced topics which the group is interested in learning about. Members helping members is encouraged. The club provides wireless access for its members and their guests.


Crafts: Our group of  meets every Monday afternoon at the clubhouse to create an amazing array of interesting handcrafted items . They also provide centerpieces for the clubís Christmas Dinner.  If you would like to learn a new skill or share some of your creative expertise, all you have to do is sign up and show up on Monday afternoons.

Other Functions to Benefit the Club and Community

Tube Club Inc.:  The Tube Club started in February of 1986  by the board of directors. The officers of this club negotiate with the local cable provider for the best rate possible for TV cable service for the homeowners of Holiday I, Holiday II,  Holiday III , Lemon Bay Isles, and Lakeside. Members pay for the service on an annual basis.   Our Treasurer, Shirley Affolter @ 941-475-1130 will  provide assistance to any new members or current members experiencing problems

Pirate Auction: Every Year members donate new items for this auction. Lots of hard work on the part of the chairpersons and their helpers make this a successful venture. Lunch is also available- thanks again to the menís club. All proceeds benefit the club.

Annual Rummage Sale: Many workers make this event a well organized and successful money maker. A Bake Sale is also part of this event.  The Menís club provides lunch for the workers who help to set up the day before as well as work the day of the sale.

Hospice Night:  A Pot Luck Dinner and entertainment raises money which is donated to our local hospice facility. The Edgewater Board also makes a generous donation.

Helping Hands:  Member contributions to this cause have been very generous year after year.


Blood Bank: The Big Red Bus makes regular visits to our club to allow members to donate blood.

Lemon Bay High School Scholarship: each year the Club donates to this cause.

Lemon Drops Choral Group:  Director June Rietdorf   941-474-1673
A seasonal Community-outreach chorus comprised of residents of Holiday Estates lll and Lemon Bay Isles.  The chorus provides professional quality concerts, free of charge, to elder care centers, not-for-profit organizations, hospitals etc.  Rehearsals are 1:30pm Wednesdays at the Lakeside Club in Lemon Bay Isles.  All are welcome, no auditions are held.



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